The Sign of Jonah
The Sign of Jonah, 2001, Oil/Canvas/Panel, 33'"x 28"
. . . "Symbolism in a Christian vein comes to us in The Sign of Jonah. Huge sunflowers are seen growing out of a dark-green two-handled vase; within the vase (the belly of the fish that swallowed Jonah?) floats an upside-down, sarcophagus-like figure caught within seaweedy growths. Jonah was of course eventually disgorged; the "sign of Jonah" may have to do with Jesus's description of Jonah as a prefiguration of his own death and resurrection. (Thus, the radiant sunflowers?) Whatever the meaning, the painting is a small knockout, a triumph of the allegorical imagination.". . .
John Hrehov at Denise Bibro - New York
Art in America, Jan, 2003 by Gerrit Henry

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