The Hedge Between
The Hedge Between, 1999, Oil Canvas Panel, 32'"x 49"
. . . In "The Hedge Between", 1999, the huge growth is a breath of vibrant life in the stifling atmosphere of the hermetically sealed box-like houses, each pseudo-individualized by a different color, which does nothing to mitigate their dullness. Higher than the houses, and impulsively textured -especially in contrast to their flatness - the hedge represents the wildest dreams of their invisible inhabitants. Despite living in a domestic graveyard, they are romantic about nature, even though they put it to practical use, in effect controlling and limiting it. Nonetheless, it gloriously transcends the dumb man-made environment in which it is tolerated . . .
John Hrehov's Dry Wit
Donald Kuspit, New York City, 2001

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