Garage Sale
Garage Sale, 2000-01, Oil/Canvas/Panel, 32'"x 27"
Private Collection
. . . Hrehov today has not shaken off all such fanatical formalism, nor has his subject matter changed much. But there is a new tone and attitude to it all--a new wit, a new symbolism, even a new poetry. . . . The poetry resides just generally in the new suggestiveness of the work. . . .

A good example is "Garage Sale". Squarely at canvas center sits a green-shingled garage, unattached to any house, bordered on either side by towering firs and crowned with a green-and-gray-tiled roof surmounted by an angel-with-trumpet weather vane. The contents of the garage sale--a coiled hose, a clock, ginger jar lamps, a rack of high-colored clothes--are something short of spectacular. Maybe there are "finds" here--or perhaps the seeming paucity of them is Hrehov's sly commentary on the futility of material dreams. . . .
John Hrehov at Denise Bibro - New York,
Art in America, Jan, 2003 by Gerrit Henry

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