Saint in the City

"John Hrehov's oil paintings and charcoal drawings may be inspired by everything from poetry to vintage toys, but they are alike in that all of them reveal his interest in what he calls 'allegorical realism'."
-- Eunice Agar, “John Hrehov’s Allegorical Realism”, American Artist, June, 1997

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Hrehov’s paintings and drawings offer again and again a kind of poignant revelation, not with a bang or a whimper, but as situated just around the corner, just in the next room, perhaps in the back yard down the street, if we could only free ourselves to see it waiting there.  In Hrehov’s work the everyday becomes an aperture to the eternal, and the domestic realm hints toward a site of infinite majesty.” 
James Yood, John Hrehov: An Appreciation", 2008

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IFPW 2012 Featured Faculty - John Hrehov
"From Inspiration to Image: The Artwork of John Hrehov".

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